Container Gardening 101: How To Grow Vegetables, No Yard Required

This is the perfect time to start a garden to grow your own flowers or even vegetables. But what if you don’t have an open plot of land to start a garden? Container gardening is great for homeowners who don’t have a plot of land for planting to get their grow on.

Container gardening is when you cultivate flowers, greenery, or vegetables in pots and containers instead of the ground. A beautiful container garden allows you to add living color to a patio, balcony, deck, or even an indoor windowsill.

For supplies, you only need a good container, the soil mix, and appropriate seed (or transplant) varieties. Typically, your plants will need 5 hours or more of full sun, and watering is critical! As mentioned above, you may need to water daily or twice daily; in hot weather, the soil can dry out quickly. The good news: less weeding! Containers are generally low-maintenance.

What You Can Grow In a Container Garden

If you’re interested in growing your own vegetables, here is a list of vegetables that do well in containers and the type of containers you’ll need:

Beans, snap
Container: 5-gallon window box
Varieties: Bush ‘Blue Lake’, Bush ‘Romano’, ‘Tender Crop’

Container: 1 plant/5 gallon pot, 3 plants/15-gallon tub
Varieties: ‘DeCicco’, ‘Green Comet’

Container: 5-gallon window box at least 12 inches deep
Varieties: ‘Danvers Half Long’, ‘Short ‘n Sweet’, ‘Tiny Sweet’

Container: 1 plant/1-gallon pot
Varieties: ‘Patio Pik’, ‘Pot Luck’, ‘Spacemaster’

Container: 5-gallon pot
Varieties: ‘Black Beauty’, ‘Ichiban’, ‘Slim Jim’

Container: 5-gallon window box
Varieties: ‘Ruby’, ‘Salad Bowl’

Container: 5-gallon window box
Varieties: ‘White Sweet Spanish’, ‘Yellow Sweet Spanish’

Container: 1 plant/2-gallon pot, 5 plants/15-gallon tub
Varieties: ‘Cayenne’, ‘Long Red’, ‘Sweet Banana’, ‘Wonder’, ‘Yolo’

Container: 5-gallon window box
Varieties: ‘Cherry Belle’, ‘Icicle’

Container: Bushel basket
Varieties: ‘Early Girl’, ‘Patio’, ‘Small Fry’, ‘Sweet 100’, ‘Tiny Tim’

For specific instructions on how to grow each vegetable, check out this Better Homes and Gardens article!

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Published by Jessica Black

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5 thoughts on “Container Gardening 101: How To Grow Vegetables, No Yard Required

  1. This is perfect, my daughter has been asking about starting a garden. We are saving to buy a house and these allow us to start our garden that we can take with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that’s a great idea! And it’s exciting to hear you’re preparing to buy a home, if you need any advice on the buying process don’t hesitate to reach out, I’d be happy to help 🙂


  2. Thanks for the ideas! Wanted to give my toddler some experience with gardening, think we’ll start with broccoli – his favorite vegetable!

    Liked by 1 person

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